3 Packaged Jackfruit Recipes! 

Here you will find the recipes and instructions for the 3 jackfruit recipes from my video! 

Barbecued Jackfruit Sandwich (Makes 4 sandwiches)


1 package barbecued jackfruit (I use Upton's)

1/2 red onion 

olive oil

baby arugula



"buns" (I use Osery "one buns")

Cut the onion into rings and cook over medium heat with about a tablespoon of olive oil. When onions are getting softer, add the barbecued jackfruit. Cook until heated through on medium low heat. Prepare your…

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My Scarf Journey-Cultural Appropriation? 

This week's video I reflected on how I have used scarves and bandanas in my personal style since I was very young and throughout the years. In my youtube video, I show you part of my scarf collection and different ways I wear them...it was interesting to look back at old pictures of me with my different scarf creations, some pretty crazy! I also address cultural appropriation as I have often worn a scarf as a head covering which some might perceive as being close to the covering called a "hijab." I…

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New Year's Affirmations, Vision Boards and Cocktails! 

Happy new year and welcome to the very first blog post for "Glow with Cynthia", the companion blog to my youtube lifestyle channel of the same name. For each video, I will have an accompanying blog to dig a little deeper into the topic of the week's video. 

For my first video, I decided to do something in the spirit of the new year and chose the topic of affirmations and vision boarding as a way to break in the newness of this time. We are definitely at a dramatic shift heading into 2021, and a lot of us…

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