My Scarf Journey-Cultural Appropriation?

This week's video I reflected on how I have used scarves and bandanas in my personal style since I was very young and throughout the years. In my youtube video, I show you part of my scarf collection and different ways I wear was interesting to look back at old pictures of me with my different scarf creations, some pretty crazy! I also address cultural appropriation as I have often worn a scarf as a head covering which some might perceive as being close to the covering called a "hijab." I personally felt that my style was unique to me and that I was not appropriating, but it is definitely an interesting conversation and am curious to what you all think of this topic and how I wear my scarf as a head covering style. Even though I am older, I am still growing and learning, and sometimes the world changes and certain fashion that may once have been considered fine, is not anymore.

I found some really interesting articles on the history of bandanas and scarves that I wanted to share. "The History of the Headwraps" discusses headwraps and the association with slavery and how the headwrap has changed throughout the decades and its significance. 

"The History of the Bandana" is equally fascinating-it starts at the bandanas inception and discusses all the different patterns and meanings the bandana has had over the years...

In my video I show a picture of me wearing a bandana as an item of clothing and found an interesting article written by Alexa Ramirez-Hernandez called, "Mi Cultura is not your Fashion" and her views on the bandana in Hispanic culture and cultural appropriation. 

I love fashion and experimenting and I also want to be sensitive to the culture of others and find the topic of cultural appropriation an interesting and important conversation. Let me know what you think!

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