New Year's Affirmations, Vision Boards and Cocktails!

Happy new year and welcome to the very first blog post for "Glow with Cynthia", the companion blog to my youtube lifestyle channel of the same name. For each video, I will have an accompanying blog to dig a little deeper into the topic of the week's video. 

For my first video, I decided to do something in the spirit of the new year and chose the topic of affirmations and vision boarding as a way to break in the newness of this time. We are definitely at a dramatic shift heading into 2021, and a lot of us have gone through some major changes this past year.....can you believe that it will be an entire year soon that we have been in a pandemic?

I don't know about you, but 2020 was difficult for me, but also transformative. After getting over the shock of losing my day job, navigating unemployment and doing some major hustling to find work, I spent a lot of time re-connecting with nature. In the past when I have struggled, I have turned to nature as a healing friend to guide me through the next steps of my life. One of the other things I love about nature, is that it is free. I have struggled financially, and when I spend the day in nature, I lose a lot of my anxiety worrying about money because I am doing an activity that costs nothing. 

One of the things that I decided to do for 2021 is to try youtube vlogging and create a lifestyle channel that focuses on my other interests besides music (my main gig in life) such as beauty, nature, health and fashion, thus, "Glow with Cynthia" was born and today is my first day in this role of "40's something youtuber." It is extremely nerve racking for me and second guessing myself, wondering where it will all lead, am I wasting my time, who do I think I am, and etc. etc....I also let go of an old project I have been working years on to start fresh with this whole vlogging thing, so I am nervous, but also EXCITED! One of the most exciting things is to get out of my bubble and meet and connect with new people, so I am hoping "Glow with Cynthia" will be a friend and asset to your life as you navigate along with me...

A few months ago I started to get interested in "Imposter Syndrome" when a colleague told me that they suffered from it. It really resonated with me and the struggles I am gone through in my life dealing with lack of confidence and self worth. The feeling has caused me to hold back in life, and even though I have overcome a lot in my life and have accomplished great things, I still often feel stuck and afraid. I decided that I was going to try the simple practice of AFFIRMATIONS.

Affirmations are simply positive words or phrases you say to re-train your brain to focus on the positive rather than the negative. As humans, we tend to latch on to the things that go wrong in life and forget about the many things that go right. Affirmations can help deal with that and I can now say from my own experience, that they really do help! In my youtube video, I go through the steps in finding your affirmations, but in short, do a little research and focus on what area of yourself you are struggling with, whether that be fears, insecurities, money, etc. You will find lots of affirmations on the web; I picked out 4 for myself and put them on a nice piece of paper-I try to remember in the morning to set them up on my bathroom mirror and say them to myself as I go about my day...try it out and tell me what you think!

In my first video I also try vision boarding which is something I have wanted to do. Vision boarding is similar to affirmations but gets a little more specific and uses images and/or words that are secured to a "board" to give you something visual to look at and inspire you. I meditated on what I want to bring into my life in this new year based on my affirmations and created small piece to put up for awhile...


In the video, I go through the whole process of creating s vision board, so check it out and let me know in the comments what your experience with affirmations and vision boards have been! 

I also created a new cocktail for the new year, and let's just say that it's...interesting....I based it on my two favorite drinks-champagne and an old fashioned. My face says it all...

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