"Keep it Together" is the latest single from Los Angeles acoustic folk rock artist, Cynthia Brando. Cynthia branches out with full instrumentation on this track; which is a departure from her 2018 folk album, "The Treehouse Trio Sessions." "Keep it Together" adds Scott Babcock on drums (Karla Bonoff, Phil Parlapiano, Victoria Williams) and Marty Axelrod on hammond organ. Ed Tree returns as engineer (Spencer Davis Group, Chris Hillman, Albert Lee) and also contributes bass and his signature electric guitar sound.

"Keep it Together" was sparked by a late night Neflix binge of the 2007 series, "Californication." The main character, David Duchovny, who plays a novelist, says the line, "keep it together while falling apart." The line jumped out at me as something profound. The song was created out of the sentiment of the line itself and what it meant to me and is not a reference to the show, but I just loved the line and was interested in turning it into a kind of "self help" tune. We have self help books, so why not self help songs?"

The first verse sets the tone for the song as a beacon of light in an often difficult world.

"Put it behind you/Whatever may be.
But feel what you feel/See what you see.
You'll be o.k./You're never alone.
Something inside/is calling you home.
A friend is wanting/to know where you are.

Keep it together/while falling apart."

Brando started the recording in 2018 and waited for the right time to release it. She hopes it will provide some solace and hope in these difficult times.

Release date: August 23rd, 2020

Email: cynthiacbrando@gmail.com

Website: www.cynthiabrando.com

Cynthia Brando is a Los Angeles singer songwriter with a recognizably unique voice, which has been described as “equal parts silk and Stevie Nicks.” She has received honorable mentions for her music in the Songdoor International Songwriting Competition. In 2017, she received an honorable mention in the American Songwriter Magazine Lyric Contest and their 2019 Bob Dylan cover song contest. Cynthia is a 2017 recipient of a Hemera Foundation Fellowship Award for her music. Her 2018 album, "The Treehouse Trio Sessions" was received with positive national and international reviews. Music Connection Magazine included it in their “Top 20 Prospects of 2018” list.