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50 Days of the the 100 Day Dress Challenge! 

For my latest video, I take you on a journey of what it has been like wearing one dress for 50 days. I took the Wool &'s "100 Day Dress Challenge" where you wear one garment for 100 days....I was definitely hesitant to do this because I am really into fashion and have an eclectic taste, always mixing it up, so my first thought was that I was going to lose my identity for awhile. I also do not like the idea of conformity or wearing any kind of uniform, and that is what it felt like right away. 

The idea…

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My Scarf Journey-Cultural Appropriation? 

This week's video I reflected on how I have used scarves and bandanas in my personal style since I was very young and throughout the years. In my youtube video, I show you part of my scarf collection and different ways I wear was interesting to look back at old pictures of me with my different scarf creations, some pretty crazy! I also address cultural appropriation as I have often worn a scarf as a head covering which some might perceive as being close to the covering called a "hijab." I…

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