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Fire in my Heart

Cynthia Brando and Donna Lynn Caskey

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Written by Cynthia Brando and Donna Lynn Caskey Vocals: Cynthia Brando and Donna Lynn Caskey Guitar: Cynthia Brando Banjo: Donna Lynn Caskey

Engineered by Cynthia Brando

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Previous events

Vivian’s Millennium Cafe

Vivian’s Millennium Cafe, 10968 Ventura Blvd., Studio City

Join us for a night of MUSIC , pizza, salads, beer & wine with friends! OUTDOOR PATIO -VALET PARKING Raspin Stuwart, Cynthia Brando, Non Duo, Ed Tree, Tisa Adamson with Randy plus a few songs from Matt Bunsen, Barrett Tagliarino !
A night Of incredible music & Fun!!!

This is a free event - There will be a Tip Jar for the Musicians

The Line Up for the 7th Sunday 7PM

Barrett Tagliarino 7:00 PM Matt Bunsen 7:15 PM Non Duo 7:30 PM Raspin Stuwart 8:00 PM Cynthia Brando 8:30 PM Ed Tree 9:00 Tisa Adamson & Ray 9:30