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Fire in my Heart

Cynthia Brando and Donna Lynn Caskey

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Written by Cynthia Brando and Donna Lynn Caskey Vocals: Cynthia Brando and Donna Lynn Caskey Guitar: Cynthia Brando Banjo: Donna Lynn Caskey

Engineered by Cynthia Brando

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Doing a 30 minute set Sunday with Ed Tree on lead guitar.

Theatre Americana (TA) is proud to be hosting this wonderful live performance as a fundraiser. Proceeds from this show will help us continue to provide affordable theater experiences across several genres of music and dance. Only covering the production costs of the performances we produce, ticket proceeds from each of our performance are donated to a designated charity. "An Acoustic Delight" has the support of several talented musicians who will be showcased in this two-day event. We hope you will support their wonderful work. Get your tickets before we sell out. An Acoustic Delight Sat. March 11th @7:00 pm Sun. March 12th @2:30 pm PORTICO ART SPACE 2033 E Washington Blvd, Pasadena 91104 Tickets: $35.00