For a total price of $350 I will shoot, edit and deliver your music video within one week.  The shoot can be up to 8 hours and include up to 3 locations (within a reasonable distance of each other around the Los Angeles area). 

A free one hour consultation will be provided to discuss your project, video locations and any artist visions/ideas you want to include.

Additional shooting time and editing available at $25/hour.

Check out my music videos below. The first video, "Trace by Fjaere" was shot with a Canon 800D camera. The second video, "I Guess We All Get Blue," also by Fjaere was shot with a Canon 800D and iphone 8plus. The rest of the videos were shot on an iphone8. I currently shoot my videos only with my Canon 800D camera. 

Please email me at: to discuss your project!


“Trace” by Fjaere (Click on pic for video)

I did the location scouting/arrangement and shot this on my iphone along with Emily Zuzik for her video. She edited it. 

The two videos below I shot independently for myself with no assistance-selfie style...